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Our Story

Green architecture team is a designing and technical company of landscape architecture and also interior and exterior design.

Our team is comprise of people with the same fervency and fervor for architecture, design, nature and the attunement with it, alongside with esthetic appeal and health of plants!

A landscape architect, an interior and exterior architect and an agronomist collaborate and create extremely tasteful and aesthetic but first innovative gardens, green and interior/exterior areas.

In all of our project we are in line with all safe environmental practices.

Our goal is to create unique and special designs that emphasize the best side of each project with impeccable design , excellent materials and implementation.

Our Philosophy

Every project we create is consisted from the conception of the basic idea and the materialization of the idea which is unique and adapted in the specific needs of each project, always with excellent materials.
As a result we achieve the full enhancement in every aspect of the project as well as the perfect function of the project.

In addition, our team provides the supervision of the project in order to make sure the longevity of the project, the health of the plants, environment safety and security of it.

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Kranidi Porto Cheli 0,
P.O. 21300 Kranidi Argolidas